Chapter 5.0: Drifting with Grace

Yay! I’m so excited to be doing house five, so excited I started right after I finished house four. So without further ado let’s introduce the goals for house five!

House Goals

  •  Create a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom home worth at least $100k Simoleons
  • Achieve level 10 of the Patron Of The Arts branch in the Painting career on The Drifter
  •   Achieve level 10 of the Master Of The Real branch in the Painting career on the Secondary Sim
  •   Achieve level 5 of the Photography Skill on either Playable Sim
  • Complete the  Photography Treasure Hunt (will get more into this later)
  •  Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage

02-10-19_8-40-40 PM.pngWe start off this challenge right accross the street from Briar’s old house and the house Ocean grew up in. And it’s still has it’s Winterfest lights on it.

02-10-19_8-50-49 PM.pngSo in house five I get to control two sims you’re all familiar with our Drifter Neil, whom I will reintroduce in a minute, and some of you may be familiar with Yuma Grace of Teresa’s 100 Baby’s of Grace over on

Yuma Grace

  • Erratic, Genius, Vegetarian, Gregarious
  • Leader of the Pack changed to Painter Extraordinaire

Since I changed Yuma’s aspiration out of CAS she keeps the gregarious trait. And since she is the secondary sim she will be doing The Master of the Real branch.

Just a refresher on Neil’s traits:

  • Art Lover, Foodie, Geek, Muser
  • Painter Extraordinaire

So now that our sims have been introduced and re-introduced let’s get to it shall we?

02-10-19_9-09-43 PM.pngWe start off on the fifth day of fall and it’s Harvestfest. And because it’s Oasis Springs, a desert, it is blistering hot outside. These two need to make some simola so they don’t burn to death.

02-10-19_9-11-14 PM.pngOnce items are harvest-able Neil leaves Yuma to fish while he makes the rounds. At the end of the day our intrepid Drifters are able to afford a bush and sink.

02-10-19_9-17-31 PM.pngYuma: This is what’s for dinner? This maybe worse than having a shit ton of kids.

02-10-19_9-17-34 PM.pngYuma: *sigh* Here we go……..

02-10-19_9-18-15 PM.pngVendor: I’ve got your pretzels, hot dogs, and more!

02-10-19_9-18-57 PM.pngYuma: Outta my way sir I NEED food, actuall to goodness FOOD!

02-10-19_9-19-29 PM.pngYuma: Oh yeah glorious food.

Now you may remember me introducing Yuma as a vegetarian right? Cause I forgot.

02-10-19_9-28-07 PM.pngYuma: Is that vegetable chili?

Neil: Umhmm…’s pretty good too!

Yep I gave Neil, the non-vegetarian, a vegetarian meal. And if I had my wits about me I would have had them switch, but nope Yuma has to suffer for my incompetence.

Yuma: So unfair.

02-10-19_9-29-22 PM.pngThat night Yuma went through her first erratic episode of the challenge.

02-10-19_9-30-33 PM.pngYuma: This is what my life has become…peeing in a bush!

02-10-19_9-30-50 PM.pngYep Yuma passes out in the bush she just peed in. She is not going to wake up in a good mood.

02-10-19_9-35-35 PM.pngYuma wakes up from her nap in the pee bush all itchy and uncomfortable then helps Neil fish so they can make extra dough.

02-10-19_9-37-15 PM.pngNeil finds a bench to crash on.

02-10-19_9-37-54 PM.pngYuma sticks it out a little longer before finding her own bench to crash on.

Yuma woke up from her nap and found some cheese pizza lying on the ground.

Yuma: Great I get to eat floor pizza. At least it doesn’t have meat in it.

02-10-19_9-46-04 PM.pngOh hey look! Ocean came by for a visit! Too bad Neil was too busy making his rounds to say hi.

02-10-19_9-53-16 PM.pngYuma starts off in level 1 in the painting career and gets home before Neil does who starts off in level 3. With Yuma’s contributions we were able to afford a cooler and a painting easel.

02-10-19_9-56-11 PM.pngNeil gets home and does some more collecting and works on creating a garden.

02-10-19_9-57-19 PM.pngIt’s official Ocean likes Yuma more than his own son. He hasn’t even met Yuma and he invited her to his birthday party and he didn’t invite his son.

02-10-19_10-01-42 PM.pngYuma’s first painting is quite nice, too bad it didn’t make a profit. 50 simoleon canvas, 43 somalian painting. Don’t get discouraged Yuma it gets better.

Yuma and Neil finally get to spend some time together getting to know one another. Nothing too steamy happens but they do become good friends.

Yuma meets a very pregnant Vanessa Jeong and captures a picture of her blue flip flops for the photography treasure hunt.

A completed collection should yield a total of 10 photographs with all items and colors used only once.

Treasure Hunt Items:
Hats (hats and masks)
Hair (hair, facial hair and eyebrows)
Makeup (all locations)
Accessories (glasses, gloves and all jewelry)
Tops (all types)
Bottoms (underwear, swim bottoms, shorts, and pants)
Skirts (all types)
Full Body Outfits (all types)
Socks (socks, tights, or accessory leggings)
Footwear (all types)√

Treasure Hunt Colors
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, White & Brown

technically the flip flops are more of a turquoise color but that’s still blue. I consider it blue anyway.

The life of a drifter is so glamorous.

02-10-19_10-24-35 PM.png

Neil: Egh work is so frustrating sometimes!

02-10-19_10-28-10 PM.pngThey finally have a bed, however their romantic relationship has to increase before they can share so it’s bed/bench surfing till then.

02-10-19_10-29-59 PM.pngYuma: I’m not going to look at it…..NOPE it doesn’t bother me one bit…..

02-11-19_11-58-24 AM.pngNow they’re in winter and there’s no walls up yet and again, if I had my wits about me, I would have gotten them a tent to live in till they got walls but nope I like to make my life difficult.

02-11-19_12-10-36 PM.pngMarie walked by looking very unimpressed by the state of things.

02-11-19_12-15-22 PM.pngBut hey they got a shack up! It’s progress!

02-11-19_12-16-47 PM.pngThat’s a very angsty picture. I guess Yuma is saying no to vampires. It looks like a vampire to me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The two cuties bump up their relationship from good friends to lovebirds!  They both had a wish to woohoo in a bush and as soon as Neil woohooed with Yuma he rolled a wish to do it again!

02-11-19_12-41-28 PM.pngYuma is off to work and Neil has the day off.

02-11-19_12-42-14 PM.pngSince it’s raining and cold outside Neil spends his day painting up a storm and selling them for that sweet, sweet profit!.

02-11-19_12-48-07 PM.pngThis is the face of a woman who came home with a promotion! Also Neil completes a milestone!

02-11-19_12-58-51 PM.pngNeil: Ah Yuma? What’s with all the confeti?

Yuma: You know that awesome fun time we had in the bush?

Neil: Uh….Yeah?

Yuma:  Surprise I’m pregnant!

Neil: What?…..Oh hahaha….good one babe!

Yuma: No. I’m serious, we’re having a baby.

02-11-19_12-59-47 PM.pngYuma: But don’t worry….we got this.

02-11-19_1-02-19 PM.pngNeil: You here that universe! I’m going to be a dad!

02-11-19_1-19-24 PM.pngThen next day Neil got a promotion to watercolor dabbler while Yuma was at home puking her guts out.

With any happy news in the sims it comes with some sad news. Macy has just passed on.

These two are just so cute!

Winterfest comes around and with all the paining these two have been doing I was able to build them a tiny kitchen.

02-11-19_1-47-56 PM.pngThen Yuma decides the best way to celebrate the holiday was to take a shower out in the rain. Naked so all her neighbors could see.

The house is comming along.

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Father Winter comes spreading joy and gifts to the couple. I think Father Winter got more than he bargained for, but I guess that’s what you get for visiting strangers houses.

Ocean wanted to spend some time with his son and Neil needed to go to the art museum. Two birds, one stone.

Neil: Yuma, you’re my best friend and mother of my child. I can’t imagine us not sharing our lives together…will you marry me?

02-11-19_2-22-58 PM.pngYuma: Um……no. Sorry I love you, but I need some time to think about this.

Well Yuma gets her alone time to think about the possibility of marrying into a Drifter family as Neil gets abducted for the first time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yuma: Neil wake up! Our baby is about to be born!

Neil: Huh….wha…..oh man!

Yuma: Ugh….I shouldn’t have woken him up till the end.

Every one welcome our next drifter Grace Nomad. This seems like a good place to end the chapter; till next time!


Chapter 4.1 Re-Deux: Fly Me to the Moon

Hey! Back again with, hopefully, the last update for House 4! This will probably be a long chapter.


Ocean invites Lori Fitzpatrick over and becomes fast friends with her and she agrees to move in! Alien Roommate √!

Lori Fitzpatrick

  • Bro, Snob, Materialistic, Career Minded
  • Athlete

02-09-19_2-25-19 PM.pngShe and Macy share the snob trait so they too become friends and get happy moodlets when they hang out with eachother.

02-09-19_2-41-46 PM.pngWith the help of Ocean’s influencing Neil was able to complete the first two tiers of his aspiration!


Ocean had a typical day at work, for a scientist, and also Anahi showed up again! Ocean did come home with a promotion to Laboratory Leader!

02-09-19_3-39-45 PM.pngAnd promptly got abducted again! This is the second time, I think I took pictures of every time he got abducted. When he gets home he rests up then reads his rocket book and moves to level 6 in the Rocket Science skill.


It’s Winterfest so I decided to get out some winter decorations and since Ocean got two nutcrackers I had him transform one. Of course it caught on fire! And everytime I told him to put the fire out he had a route failure! I was for sure thinking this was going to be it, he’s gonna die… again! Luckily when the couch caught on fire, not lucky for the couch, Ocean was able to put the fire out.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was so stressed out by the experience, and the Nomad’s don’t have a lot of cash, they only got a pile of presents. They were able to sell some presents to buy a tv and kept the rest. Actually someone got a kids violin, so I kept that in hopes Neil would find it and play it. He did but not enough to finish that portion of is aspiration.

02-09-19_5-29-37 PM.pngThe next day at work Ocean gets to Level 7 of the Rocket skill and finds his first alien collectable, a space rock! Don’t worry I took a picture of it, and all of the collectables later.


Then it was time for both Ocean and Marie’s birthdays!

02-09-19_5-57-05 PM.pngI pre-rolled all of Marie’s traits, as I do with all of my sims, and she got exactly the same traits as Ocean, so I switched out one and gave her Kleptomaniac just like her mom. She also rolled Whiz Kid.

02-09-19_5-58-45 PM.pngAnd here we are three alien collectables! A space rock, a dead squid, and red coral I think is what it’s called. Ocean does bring home more later as well.

02-09-19_6-16-06 PM.pngGuess what happened…..I dare you….guess….

02-09-19_6-16-33 PM.pngYep…It. Caught. FIRE! 

And again sims complaining about a route failure! And again the fire had to get worse before Ocean could put it out. He had to run through the fire into the other room to put it out!

02-09-19_6-51-55 PM.pngHe was so tense from the experience he had to do some yoga to wind down.

02-09-19_6-34-39 PM.pngHowever he did bring home enough money to upgrade the kitchen. The refrigerator was one of the Winterfest gifts they kept.

02-09-19_6-55-56 PM.pngAnd then they celebrated New Years! Also Macy and Marie were doing a new fangled way of hugging that looks mighty uncomfortable.


Then they went outside where Marie through snowballs at Macy’s face, though she missed more than she hit.


Ocean and Macy’s room gets a little update.

02-09-19_8-27-12 PM.pngI kid you not guys….Ocean is trying to kill himself….

02-09-19_8-27-35 PM.pngLuckily he did not succeed  and  he got promoted to Pioneer of New Technologies!

02-09-19_8-35-51 PM.pngThen he got abducted a third time.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some more home improvements.

02-09-19_10-03-01 PM.pngWe’re getting there! Level 8 of Rocket Science!

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Lori gets a room and bathroom and the house value move up to §55,416!

House Goals Completed so far:

  • 2 bed, 1 bath house worth 50k √
  • 3 unique alien collectibles √
  • Alien Roommate √

02-10-19_8-44-21 AM.png4th Alien Abduction and a visit from Vlad. Vlad left right after Ocean got abducted I guess he wanted no part in that experience.

02-10-19_9-31-33 AM.pngNeil’s birthday!

02-10-19_9-52-00 AM.pngNeil rolled Food snob…er…I mean Foodie. And he kept most of his wardrobe he aged into I just recolord some outfits and switched out shoes.

Just a comparison between my ISBI heir, Marty, and Neil. They could be brothers!

02-10-19_10-07-05 AM.pngSuccessful serum making and no fires! Plus Ocean gets promoted to Mad Scientist! We’re so close guys!

02-10-19_10-41-20 AM.pngFather and son pick! Neil is going to keep a copy for his house.

It’s kinda late to be getting a rocket ship since Ocean just needs two more levels to master the skill. Also 5th abduction.

The next day after work Ocean reached level 9 and had his 7th abduction!

02-10-19_1-32-03 PM.pngMarie’s birthday!

02-10-19_1-55-53 PM.pngMarie rolled cheerful and Fabulously Wealthy. She also kept most of the wardrobe she aged into.

02-10-19_1-56-40 PM.pngAlso Lori’s birthday!

02-10-19_2-33-53 PM.pngWoot! Woot! Level 10 Rocket Science skill √!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Neil and Marie’s room gets an update.

One of Ocean’s task’s for work was to Clone a sim. I didn’t realize the Clones gets added to the main household, but whatever Ryland, the clone, takes care of himself and is largely ignored.

02-10-19_3-05-39 PM.pngMaxed Science career √! Now all that needs to be completed is for Neil to become a YA!

The outside of the house gets minor landscaping done. And I’m very happy with how this house turned out. It’s a hard pick which house is my favorite so far but I think house 2 then house 4 are my tops.

02-10-19_3-43-20 PM.pngI forgot Macy’s birthday again and she does not look pleased.

02-10-19_4-18-11 PM.pngFather and daughter pic!

Also Portraits of the fam.

02-10-19_4-45-19 PM.png6th alien abduction!

Believe it or not but this is the first time I’ve had a sim visit Sixam, though I wish they could use the Wormhole generator before level 10.

02-10-19_6-32-56 PM.pngAwkward family hug.

02-10-19_6-41-18 PM.pngLightning struck the space ship. Luckily I don’t need it any more so it is replaced by a fountain.

02-10-19_6-49-14 PM.pngNeil is an A student! Which means he will be starting at level three in the painting career!

02-10-19_7-35-48 PM.pngJust in time too because Neil’s birthday fell on Harvestfest!

02-10-19_7-35-56 PM.pngOcean: Finally I can hand over the reins!

House 5 here we come!

Chapter 4.0 Re-Deux: Deja-Vu

So here I am again listening to the Drifter Challenge Theme song, Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again, and writing another re-deux. Interesting to note I had to re-deux house 2 after four chapters and for house 4 I got to chapter 4. As with house 2 re-deux I’m going to try to get through it as soon as possible so I won’t post every time Ocean gets a promotion or his kid(s) level up.


Here We Go………

01-29-19_1-16-27 PM.pngAnd now Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing is playing.

Don’t stop believing Ocean

Ocean: Just don’t set me on fire again.

Hey that wasn’t me! It’s not my fault you blew your self up.

Ocean: Humph!


Ocean doing what drifters do. He of course starts at level 3 in the science career and gets 500 simoleans.

01-29-19_1-22-57 PM.pngHe’s doing pretty good for his first day.

01-29-19_1-27-29 PM.pngSlipping in mud puddles aside. He also has the waterproof trait so at least the rain isn’t getting him down.

01-29-19_1-33-41 PM.pngFirst day at work was collection day.


After work Ocean meets Macy Tanaka and I’m really excited she has pink hair!

The startings of a house. I’m using a different plan for this house.

At work Ocean invented the Momentum Conserver and Sim Ray and after completing his task bar he had time to work on the rocket.

Ocean called up Macy and they worked on their relationship. Eventually Ocean had to go to bed so Macy left.

01-29-19_2-47-25 PM.pngOcean needed some fun so I got him a yoga mat. It only gives him a +1 fun but it gives him other benefits so I figured it was a good purchase.

01-29-19_3-01-20 pmThis is after Ocean was going for a first kiss and Macy said hell no. And that’s Bo Staud hissing in the corner, and man is that an unfortunate schnoz!

Ocean was able to build up their relationship enough to have Macy move in.

Macy Tanaka

  • Lazy, Snob, Kleptomaniac, Quick Learner
  • Renaissance Sim

Her traits sure are winners.

01-29-19_3-47-13 PM.pngAt work Ocean made the Rose Serum. I wanted to keep it but one of his tasks was to drink it or give it away, so down the hatch it goes.

At the end of the work day Ocean gets a promotion to Serum Sequencer.

01-29-19_4-03-13 PM.pngOcean was able to get a stove, refrigerator, and a counter.

01-29-19_4-27-42 pmOcean builds up his relationship with Macy and they are best friends, but she still rejects him.

Ocean gives a sincere apology and convinces Macy to have a tumble in the sheets.

01-29-19_4-34-40 PM.pngWell Ocean got Macy in the family way.

After Macy tells Ocean the good news he takes a chance and proposes to her again. And she says yes this time! They have a quick ceremony in the backyard.

01-29-19_5-41-42 PM.pngThree days later Macy gives birth to a baby boy named Neil his namesake is Neil degrasse Tyson the astrophysicist. During this time Ocean was promoted to Technological Innovator.

01-29-19_6-17-06 PM.pngMacy and Ocean had a risky woohoo which resulted in a pregnancy.

Per challenge requirements we have one room complete.

01-29-19_6-39-31 PM.pngOcean was able to finish the Rocket and had his first exertion into space. No collectables this time around.

I’m a little disappointed Neil didn’t get Macy’s hair color, but I’ll get over it. I just hope Neil isn’t a clone of Ocean. Anyway Neil rolled Independent.

Briar comes over for a visit, I think to meet her grandson and spend some time with her family before she kicks the bucket 😥

She does leave us with this painting, which I almost sold but thought It would be nice to have something she created in her son’s house.

This second pregnancy is taking its toll on Macy.

02-06-19_11-18-01 AM.pngIt’s kinda hard to tell in this picture, but Ocean got struck by lightning.

Ocean! You better survive this play through! I don’t know if I can survive a th….thi…third play through!

02-06-19_11-46-35 AM.pngIn other news I saw Anahi, Ocean’s wife in another universe, in the neighborhood doing what she was doing when Ocean met her in a previous life.

One of my goals is to up load all of my Drifter sims including the sims from the failed saves.

02-06-19_11-48-43 AM.pngOcean gets the sad news that his mother passed away.

But she didn’t stay away for long, although this was her last visit to the house she and Oliver call all the time wanting to hang out with their son, it’s really sweet!

This also lead to Ocean developing an fame quirk Emotion Bomb which wiped out his sad moodlet.

02-06-19_12-09-39 PM.pngMacy: Hony, I don’t know what you’re freaking out about. We’ve done this before.

02-06-19_12-13-23 PM.pngWelcome baby Marie named after the famous physicist and chemist Marie Curie.

Ocean met Aliens at work! Much earlier than last time. Then he exploded one of his serums in his face, so I, learning from last time decide it was safer to send him into space than continue making said serum and crossed my fingers in hopes that his space ship doesn’t explode on him!

Spoiler alert: He survives space, but it was a bumpy ride!

02-06-19_12-29-40 PM.pngOcean you’re really testing me this time around! He does get promoted to Ufologist though.

02-06-19_12-47-18 PM.pngMacy turns into an adult.  She was supposed to turn into an adult the day she became pregnant with Marie so It kind of slipped my mind.

02-06-19_1-43-29 PM.png

Two days later, or a day and a half, it was Marie’s birthday! Little Miss Cutie Patootie rolled Independent for her toddler trait just like her big bro.

I learned later that Macy is Miko Ojo’s granddaughter. And Ocean is Zoe Patel’s grandson on his father’s side so don’t be surprised if their kids start looking like my sims from my Moon ISBI, who are also related to Zoe and Miko.

02-06-19_1-54-25 PM.pngLike in the last save Ocean is an alien abduction magnet! This is the first time he gets abducted this save, but there are many more to come!

02-06-19_1-59-36 PM.pngMiko takes a more active role raising her daughter than her son. Though it also could be that Ocean spends a lot of time with Neil to raise his skills so he can be the best Drifter he can be!

02-06-19_9-52-31 PM.pngSeveral days pass before it’s time for Neil’s birthday.  Ocean invented the cloning machine and the wormhole generator. He also reached level 5 of the Rocket Science skill. So Ocean is half-way with his career and skills for this challenge. Still no alien collectables but he still has time.

02-06-19_10-05-16 PM.pngAs with Albert I chose Neil’s aspiration and childhood trait, Artistic Prodigy and Art Lover. For his other two traits those will be randomized but I will pick Painter Extraordinaire for his adult aspiration.

Neil also achieved the Happy Toddler trait.

As of this update the house stands at 24,846 simoleans, so still a ways to go, but spoiler alert Ocean achieves his goals though along the way he does make me question his survival instincts.

Also I forget to add house traits until Neil is a teenager 😦 My goal is to have one more update before moving on to house 5!

Chapter 4.4: The Light

I open up the game to a stinky toddler and everyone comments how stinky he his but no one wants to help the poor tyke out. And for now Isaac doesn’t seem to mind.

01-29-19_8-53-28 AM.pngHe’s just happy to play around and hug his stuffed dog.

01-29-19_8-54-45 AM.pngAnd despite his younger brother being gross Al is happy to spend some time with Isaac; teaching him things only older brothers know.

01-29-19_8-55-33 AM.pngYou are a bold one Al, making a mess right in front of your mother. But Anahi had more pressing matters to attend to like going to the bathroom. 01-29-19_8-56-31 AM.pngAl: Eepp!

Anahi: You followed me in here, don’t act like you’re embarrassed.

Al: How was I supposed to know you’d be on the toilet?

Anahi: Well, this is a bathroom…

I checked Al’s needs and he didn’t even have to use the bathroom. I guess he just wanted to talk to his mom. Funnily enough both of them weren’t embarrassed.

01-29-19_8-57-59 AM.pngWell at least he cleans up after himself.

01-29-19_8-59-34 AM.pngNow the toddler minds being stinky. 01-29-19_9-01-11 AM.pngThis is when I thought he asked mom for a bath, but she put him the high chair and sat down at the table. I checked his needs and he’s not even hungry.

01-29-19_9-03-43 AM.pngAnd just when Ocean was about to give Isaac a bath he gets abducted by aliens.

01-29-19_9-06-59 AM.pngFinally he gets a bath!

Since updating things around the house last chapter the family is a little low on funds. Luckily Ocean has work today, but I also have him paint and sell some of the plants to make some extra dough. I want to give Leslie a room and the house needs one more bathroom to hopefully avoid accidents and embarrassing moments.

At work Ocean invents the clone machine! He clones a few things and sells them. He also has a little bit of time to explore space after completing his daily tasks. While he is in space Ocean comes across an alien kid, 4eyes, gives him a joy ride on his spaceship (which doesn’t sound good when typed out), and returns him home where 4 eye’s mom gives Ocean 200 simoleons!

Ocean didn’t get a promotion, but he now is a one star celebrity.

01-29-19_10-44-32 AM.pngAnahi serenades her hubby when he gets home.

01-29-19_10-46-57 AM.pngIsaac is level 2 in his potty skill and can now take himself to the potty. Only time will tell if he actually does.

01-29-19_10-51-14 AM.pngI don’t know why but Isaac felt the need to destroy the doll house while Al was playing, and then the tyke had the nerve to be sad that the doll house was in ruins!

01-29-19_10-54-26 amAl is not mad at his little brother though when Isaac asked for a hug Al was more than happy to consent.

01-29-19_11-35-18 AM.pngIn order to understand her husbands work Anahi learns about Rocket Science.

Al earns child of the year by cleaning the spoiled food out of the refrigerator.

01-29-19_11-40-21 AM.pngOcean helps his son with his homework and I just love that you can see the steam boat float by.

01-29-19_11-59-09 AM.pngAt work Ocean made a successful needs potion.

01-29-19_12-17-12 PM.pngBack at home he gets abducted by aliens again.

01-29-19_12-22-30 PM.pngThe family finally gets a tv which brings the household funds down to 19 simoleans.

01-29-19_12-29-15 PM.pngOcean paints and sells a few paintings to recoup some money.

01-29-19_12-31-13 PM.pngI also finally got around to building a loft area for Leslie. There also is a second bathroom in the house. I did this before I bought the tv.

01-29-19_12-41-28 PM.pngBack at work Ocean needs to make an embiggen potion, but fails.

01-29-19_12-43-53 PM.pngHe tries again, but this time he sets himself on fire.

01-29-19_12-44-23 PM.pngNon of his co-workers are in the state of mind to help Ocean out. I told Ocean to extinguish himself in the shower but….01-29-19_12-45-02 PM.pngHe didn’t listen to me. One would think the Science Lab would have sprinklers. Maybe next time.

01-29-19_12-45-21 PM.pngGrimm: So here we are again…another house failure.

I had to watch in dismay as Grimm reaped Ocean’s soul and think about the prospect of starting all.over.again.

Till next time guys…

Chapter 4.3: Roommate

House 4 Goals:

•  Create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $50k Simoleons

• Achieve level 10 of the Rocket Science skill

• Achieve level 10 of the Scientist Career

• Travel to space and bring back 3 unique Space Rocks or Aliens
*If you own Get To Work, items acquired from Sixam count

• Befriend and Move In a Co-Worker
*If you own Get To Work, you may befriend and move in an Alien instead

• Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage



Anahi: Sleep tight my love.


Anahi: Wahoo! Stinky leaf piles are the best fun!

01-17-19_9-21-01 amHappy successful potty dance! He reaches level 2 at this point.

01-17-19_9-24-44 AM.pngUpside down baby! Being the Clingy toddler he is Al loves every minute he can spend with his parents.

01-17-19_9-25-25 AM.pngAnd then he immediately gets sad as Ocean steps a foot outside.

He pouts his displeasure for a second and then is happy again. Al doesn’t stay down for long he’s a pretty happy kid.

01-17-19_9-25-56 AM.pngNow it’s Ocean’s turn to be sad, his Uncle Reed died. 😥

01-17-19_9-30-40 AM.pngOcean teaches Al his shapes and Anahi comes in to assist.


Ocean lets his displeasure be known and then teaches Al to say sorry.

Nothing supper exciting happens at work. Ocean freezes a couple of people and immediately chisels them out.

01-17-19_10-05-27 AM.pngAl loves playing in the snow. At least he knows to put on his outerwear before heading out.

Al doing what toddlers do.

01-17-19_10-11-11 AM.pngAfter Al’s adventure playing with the toilet he was one stinky kiddo, so it’s bath time.

01-17-19_10-34-47 AM.pngAt work Ocean invented the satellite. He set the satellite to call the aliens but none showed, this time.

Ocean comes home to his wife in labor.

01-17-19_10-48-46 AM.pngWelcome baby boy Isaac; named after Isaac Newton.

01-17-19_10-49-23 AM.pngAl is happy to be a big brother!

01-17-19_10-59-19 AM.pngThe kitchen gets a new stove and rug then Al promptly makes his first mess as a toddler.

Al tries to tell his little brother about his day but is disappointed by the lack of response.

01-17-19_11-09-13 AM.pngIt’s Winterfest and this time I decided to get the premade tree. I like the variety of design with the premade trees but I prefer the ones you decorate.

It’s the high chair dance. Ocean puts Al in then Anahi takes him out and puts him back in only to take him back out so he can pass out tired on the floor. Once he wakes up Al decides it’s better to eat on the floor.

01-17-19_11-25-10 AM.pngOnly two more elements to collect and then Ocean will complete his aspiration!

Winterfest montage! Poor Al was asleep so he didn’t get to open up any presents. Most of what they got the sold. Ocean got a Karaoke machine and Anahi got a table accent.

01-17-19_11-48-17 AM.pngThe kitchen got another face lift.

01-17-19_12-19-08 PM.pngAnother space adventure for Ocean. He was able to get a space rock. 1/3 unique space rocks/aliens collected.

Calling all aliens to Earth, come in aliens.

01-17-19_12-29-04 PM.pngPROMOTION!

The bathroom gets a little upgrade.

01-17-19_1-00-46 PM.pngIt’s Ocean’s Adult birthday.

01-17-19_1-10-21 PM.pngAnd also Isaac’s birthday!

01-17-19_1-09-29 PM.pngIsaac looks a lot like Ocean so far. Isaac is a Fussy toddler.

Isaac really doesn’t like potty time.

It was collection day at work and another space adventure. With all of his space exploring Ocean has become a Notable Newcomer.

01-17-19_1-38-46 PM.pngThis time Ocean brought home an alien porcupine. 2/3 unique space collections collected!

01-17-19_1-55-07 PM.pngSkilling time!

01-17-19_1-55-52 PM.pngIsaac really, really, REALLY doesn’t like potty time. Isaac also skills much slower than Al does.

01-17-19_1-59-37 PM.pngI just love this! Both boys wanted to talk to mom and out of the picture Ocean is also talking with Anahi. 01-17-19_2-07-54 PM.pngIsaac woke up from a nightmare and took a nap on the new arm chair.

01-17-19_2-16-47 PM.pngIt’s the weekend and also New Years so Ocean invites Leslie over to become friends. He also asks her to move in. Finally we have an alien roommate!


Meet Leslie Gage. She is a Bookworm, Loves Dogs, and is an Art Lover. Her aspiration is Trend-Setter. She is unemployed so she will remain so. I’ll have to look at the rules but I don’t believe I can assagin her a job if she doesn’t come into the house with a job.

Element collection complete! Which means Ocean has completed his aspiration!

01-17-19_5-24-27 PM.pngOcean’s new aspiration is Nerd Brain.

01-17-19_5-44-28 PM.pngIsaac comes out to help Leslie build a snowpal (or at least it looks that way). But he does’t wear his cold weather gear so he doesn’t stay outside long.

01-17-19_6-22-39 PM.pngIt’s Albert’s birthday!

01-17-19_6-33-41 PM-2.pngThis cutie pie is Creative and an Artistic Prodigy.

Chapter 4.2: Parenthood

House 4 Goals:

•  Create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $50k Simoleons

• Achieve level 10 of the Rocket Science skill

• Achieve level 10 of the Scientist Career

• Travel to space and bring back 3 unique Space Rocks or Aliens
*If you own Get To Work, items acquired from Sixam count

• Befriend and Move In a Co-Worker
*If you own Get To Work, you may befriend and move in an Alien instead

• Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage

12-14-18_2-15-13 PM.pngWe come back to Ocean taking off for an adventure is space.

12-14-18_2-20-49 PM.png

Ocean is halfway to finishing his rocket skill.

12-14-18_2-22-50 PM.pngOcean comes home from a hard days work to his adoring wife.

12-14-18_2-31-54 PM.pngThe kitchen gets a little face lift.

12-14-18_2-38-07 PM.pngA little hanky panky in the bedroom.

12-14-18_2-42-40 PM.png

The newly weds won’t be expecting a new addition to the family just yet.

12-14-18_2-44-45 PM.pngCouple selfie!

Ocean and Anahi’s bedroom now has wallpaper and flooring.

12-14-18_2-59-40 PM.pngThe couple goes in for round 2. And yes I did give Ocean a lean potion.

12-14-18_3-00-43 PM.pngNot yet.

12-14-18_6-58-42 PM.pngAnahi: Hello Ms. Nomad.

Briar: Your family you can call me mom.

12-14-18_6-59-28 PM.pngAnahi: Thanks….mom.

12-14-18_7-04-12 PM.pngThird time’s the charm right?

12-14-18_7-12-00 PM.pngAnd we have confetti!

12-14-18_7-12-28 PM.pngAnahi: Ocean honey, we are finally pregnant!

12-14-18_7-13-05 PM.pngOcean: I knew it would happen.

12-14-18_7-16-18 PM.pngAnahi celebrates by dancing in the rain.

12-14-18_7-17-49 PM.pngAnd then occupies herself with gardening. 12-14-18_7-18-21 PM.pngPoor Briar didn’t get to meet her grandchild.

12-14-18_7-19-52 PM.pngOcean is very sad about this.

12-14-18_7-21-54 PM.pngVery, very sad.

12-14-18_7-24-30 PM.pngAnahi: Oh this is so embarrassing!

12-14-18_7-32-36 PM.pngUncle Reed comes by and Ocean and him reminisce about Briar.

12-14-18_7-45-01 PM.pngOcean: My job is the best.

Slowly but surely we’re making progress.

12-14-18_8-15-02 PM.pngI’ve been collecting the elements and we only need three more to have a complete collection!

Rocket skill is coming along!

12-14-18_8-32-01 PM.pngAnd Ocean comes home with a promotion!

12-14-18_8-38-34 PM.pngNeed that promotion money for the new nooboo!

12-14-18_8-38-56 PM.pngAnahi: This does not feel good!

Before Ocean takes Anahi to the hospital he goes on a little transforming spree.

12-14-18_8-42-41 PM.pngAnahi: How soon can we get this baby outta here?

Ocean: Oh.My.Oh.My…..

12-14-18_8-43-05 PM.pngOcean: Your doing great babe.

12-14-18_8-45-06 PM.pngOcean: SERIOUSLY A GHOST!

Ocean was not impressed that a ghost was delivering his baby.

12-14-18_8-47-09 PM.pngWelcome baby boy Albert, named after Albert Einstein.

12-14-18_8-52-53 PM.pngBaby Al comes home to a completed nursery.

Where father and mother dote on him.

Ocean transforms the dining chairs into better quality chairs and sells them.

12-14-18_9-11-27 PM.pngAnd the kitchen gets an upgrade. 12-14-18_9-28-23 PM.png It’s Harvestfest so the house gets some lights for the occasion.

The Gnomes were appeased.

12-14-18_9-37-22 PM.pngOcean slaves away at the stove cooking a grand meal.

12-14-18_9-38-40 PM.pngOcean: I’m grateful for having you as an awesome partner in life!

Anahi:  Awe babe that’s so sweet. I’m grateful for you too, but I’d be more grateful once I get over this cold!

12-14-18_10-02-16 PM.pngBest friends and soulmates!

Pretty soon it’s going to be Al’s birthday so his room gets an upgrade.

12-14-18_10-52-11 PM.pngThough pretty soon it won’t be just his room.

12-14-18_11-02-45 PM.pngOcean is really excited for a new family member.

12-14-18_11-05-26 PM.pngOcean getting cozy by the fire.

12-14-18_11-21-21 PM.pngOcean: Happy birthday Al!

12-14-18_11-28-35 PM.pngAl rolled the Clinging trait.

12-14-18_11-32-09 PM.pngAnd so the training begins!

Chapter 4.1: Transform

House 4 Goals:

•  Create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $50k Simoleons

• Achieve level 10 of the Rocket Science skill

• Achieve level 10 of the Scientist Career

• Travel to space and bring back 3 unique Space Rocks or Aliens
*If you own Get To Work, items acquired from Sixam count

• Befriend and Move In a Co-Worker
*If you own Get To Work, you may befriend and move in an Alien instead

• Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage


We start off the chapter with Ocean being a little trigger happy with the simray. And each time he used it the items went down in value and I was worried about starting a fire, so he ended up with Nizzlenip which he planted.

12-14-18_10-30-58 AM.pngOcean goes on his routine collecting route.

12-14-18_10-32-47 AM.pngThen he invites Anahi over for a water balloon fight.

Ocean: You ready to be annihilated by my awesome water balloon prowess!

Anahi: *pufft* Please your going to be the one annihilated.


Ocean: A hit! The point is mine!

Anahi: Beginners luck

Ocean: What! You missed! This calls for a victory dance!

The next balloon Ocean threw laid Anahi flat.

12-14-18_10-35-32 AM.pngWhile her son was using a unique method to woo a potential spouse Briar was calmly fishing. She actually comes by quite often to fish.

12-14-18_10-55-34 AM.pngAnother family member walks by. It’s Camilla Nomad, Reed’s daughter.

12-14-18_10-58-36 AM.pngWhile I was checking out the neighborhood Ocean decides to cook a meal and Anahi walks away.

Ocean: Ah nothing like cooking outdoors!

12-14-18_11-00-04 AM.pngOcean: *whispers* this man looks possessed. Is he possessed?

This guy just walks up, sits down and says high to Ocean then two seconds later walks away.

Don’t worry he’s just having a happy strole in the park listening to some music. 

Ocean: Well just to be safe, I’m going home.

12-14-18_11-01-53 AM.pngOcean: Oh hey mom!


The two play a nice game of chess then Briar heads out side.

Ocean transformed his bed a couple of times but kept getting the child/teen beds so he sold it and bought this more grown up bed.

12-14-18_11-06-33 AM.pngI thought Briar had gone home but she decide to stay awhile and talk to the plants.

12-14-18_11-13-31 AM.pngA round of collecting before Ocean is off to work.

12-14-18_11-21-20 AM.pngOne of Oceans co-workers is Finley Gandhi she is the daughter to Aditya, Briar’s roommate, and also the alternate husband to Yasmin. Yasmin was Cisco’s original spouse before I had to start house two over again.

Wow that was a lot hope it made sense.

12-14-18_11-23-25 AM.pngWhile at work Ocean completed a milestone and is now working on his last tier.

12-14-18_11-27-44 AM.pngPromotion time!

12-14-18_11-33-39 AM.pngOcean: Wow I’ve got friends stopping by my door!

Needless to say Ocean ignores Caleb, much like his great-grandma Gypsy, and quickly invites Anahi inside.

12-14-18_11-36-39 AM.pngFor a riveting game of chess.

Ocean: I’ve gotten much better since the last time we played.

Anahi: Yes, I can see that.

12-14-18_11-40-10 AM.pngThen Anahi agrees to have her DNA collected.

Ocean this isn’t very romantic.

Ocean: Hey there sexy lady! You are the target of my affections.

Anahi: Oh that’s so sweet Ocean.

After this Anahi decided it was getting late and she should go home.

12-14-18_11-43-35 AM.pngAnd all Ocean needs to do is complete a Collection.

Another uneventful day at the office.

12-14-18_11-59-21 AM.pngWhen he gets home he introduces himself to this lady Betty Faust, but they don’t talk long as Ocean is dead tired.

12-14-18_12-00-40 PM.pngI honestly don’t remember what is going on here. I think he is using his mediator skill to help fix a bad relationship.

12-14-18_12-16-46 PM.pngThe next day at work Ocean gains another level in the Rocket Science skill.

12-14-18_12-21-26 PM.pngAnd he is able to expand a bit of the house.

12-14-18_12-24-42 PM.pngA drifter’s work is never done.

The simray can become very addicting. Ocean kept the chair.

12-14-18_12-33-15 PM.pngAnd got himself a bookshelf and a rocket science skill book so now he can improve at home.

Ocean: I have concocted this serum that is supposed to enhance your emotions. Wanna give it a try.

Lab Tech: Shure that sounds promising. I feel strangely angry.

Ocean gave him a snake oil serum and the guy just stomped around the lab for a while.

12-14-18_12-42-30 PM.png

Ocean is almost half way to completing the rocket skill!

12-14-18_12-47-45 PM.pngAnd another promotion. Ocean is just rockin the science career.

Since I was going to buy a better tub from Ocean’s promotion money I decided to use the simray on the old bathtub to see what we got.

Ocean got a table, which I kept.

12-14-18_12-53-39 PM.pngOcean: Thanks for coming over Anahi

Anahi: My pleasure

Love is in the air. The two love birds get their first smooch in and Ocean awkwardly asks Anahi to be his girlfriend.

Ocean: I know I just asked you to be my girlfriend but this night of passion just made me realize you are the only one for me. Will you marry me Anahi?

Anahi: Uh….

12-14-18_12-58-58 PM.pngAnahi: Of course I will!

12-14-18_1-00-44 PM.pngThey quickly get married.

12-14-18_1-38-58 PM.pngWelcome to the fam Anahi Fontaine Nomad. She is Materialistic, Goofball, and Loves the Outdoors. Her aspiration is Chief of Mischief.

Since this chapter has gotten pretty long I will end it here.